Gladstone Transfer Ltd., About Our Company

Gladstone Transfer Limited was started in 1949 by JA (Jack) Kinley and John Ross of Gladstone, Manitoba. Jack became the sole owner of the company in 1952 after buying out John’s shares.

In 1973, the second generation of Kinley’s returned to Gladstone to settle with his family. Thomas A (Tom) Kinley, returned to Gladstone to see the company incorporated and join his father. Jack passed away in 1979 leaving Tom at the helm. In 1996, the third generation, Tom’s son Scott Kinley, came into the business.

In 2022, GladStone Transfer was acquired by curent owner and President – Jasdeep Rai. Today, Jasdeep oversees the day to day operations of the company. The company continues to grow at a steady pace, proving that small town roots, can provide success on a global scale.

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Our Staff

Amy Murray - Senior Administrator/Benefits/Fuel Strategy

Amy oversees the Administration Department at Gladstone Transfer Limited. Amy monitors the employee benefits plan, fuel strategy, data entry, and performance reports for the fleet. Amy can be reached at

Jasdeep (Jesse) Rai - President

Jasdeep acquired Gladstone Transfer in 2022 with the goals of expanding its services to Manitoba and beyond. Jasdeep is actively involved in day to day operations and works closely with the team. For Jasdeep ensuring customer care and well being of staff is a priority.


Grant Bradshaw - Vice President

Grant joined Gladstone after the acquisition of GladStone Transfer as the new Vice President. Grant leads the daily operations  making sure drivers and customers are supported in every way.

Paul Maloney-Logistics Manager

Paul Maloney is the Manager of Logistics at GTL. Paul maintains fleet performance and is responsible for the day to day activities of the bulk fleet. Paul can be reached at